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WELDED MESH: The welded wire mesh is a metal wire screen that is made up of low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron or stainless steel wire, it is available in various types and shapes, in any width up to 2 meter. This kind of welded mesh wire is basically in industrial fencing purposes. It is made up of stainless steel that has high strength and integrity. This corrosion resistance meshed wire is long lasting and is widely used in transportation, agricultural, mining, entertainment and other service sectors.
STAINLESS STEEL PERFORATED ROUND HOLE SHEET: Perforated sheet are also punched in round hole shape of any grade in stainless steel whether it maybe 304, 304L, 316, 316L etc. Technical Detail: (i) Metal of the required sheet (ii) Grade of the required sheet (if applicable) (iii) Thickness of the required sheet (iv) Hole diameter of the perforated sheet (v) Pitch of the holes (if there any) (vi) Standard size availability : 1220 mm x 2440 mm Application: (i) Automotive (ii) Sugar Industries (iii) Agriculture (iv) Displays
STAINLESS STEEL WOVEN WIRE MESH: (i) Type 316 quality: Stabilized by the addition of 2% molydbenum, T-316 is an "18-8" alloy. Type 316 has better resistance to pitting corrosion than the other chromium-nickel stainless steels where brines, sulphur-bearing water or halogen salts, such as chlorides are present. A valuable property of T-316 is high creep strength at elevated temperatures. Other mechanical properties and fabricating characteristics are similar to T-304. Wire cloth woven of T-316 has extensive use in chemical processing when better corrosion resistance is required than the regular chromium-nickel types. (ii) Type 316 L : Type 316 L is very similar to T-316, the difference being the reduced carbon content for better wire cloth weaving and secondary welding characteristics.
Flat Flex Wire Belting: (i) Materials: Manufactured in high tensile strength stainless or spring steel from 0.89 mm to 2.34 mm diameter wire. (ii) Belt Width: Available from 2.50 inch to 14 ft. (iii)Sprockets: Stock sizes from 1.25 inch to 30" diameter manufactured in stainless steel.. Special sprocket sizes and materials made to order.
VIBRATING SCREENS: Manufactured with or without side panels/clamp/edge preparations in required sizes, aperture, dia with different metals such as Stainless Steel, Spring Steel, G.I, M.S, High Carbon, High Tensile etc. available in cut sizes. Applications: 1) Cement Industries 2) Coal Mine Industries 3) Sugar Industries 4) Food Processing Industries 5) Paper & Pulp Industries