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Things to keep in mind while placing order for vibrating screen with edge preparation: (i) State which edges are to be prepared with hooks or fitted with hook strips. Specify length of hook strips. (ii) Give accurate outside dimension of screen. Measure old screen from outside of bend to outside of other bend. (iii) Be specific about degree of angle and length of hook. (iv) When screens are slotted, specify if slots are parallel or perpendicular to hook strips. (v) Specify size and make of vibrator.
VIBRATING SCREENS: Manufactured with or without side panels/clamp/edge preparations in required sizes, aperture, dia with different metals such as Stainless Steel, Spring Steel, G.I, M.S, High Carbon, High Tensile etc. available in cut sizes. Applications: 1) Cement Industries 2) Coal Mine Industries 3) Sugar Industries 4) Food Processing Industries 5) Paper & Pulp Industries
HARP SCREEN: Type of Harp Screen: 1) SERPA HARPS - It consists of undulated wires arranged side by side. In order to strengthen the harps, these undulated screen wires are joined to each other at definite spacing by cross inserted wire layers. Advantage of the serpa harps compared to the serpa-flex-harps, is that they can be used at service temperature above 80°C. Furthermore, the serpa-flex-harps are particularly used, where in addition to blinding and adhesion, heavy wearing also occurs. Materials used:: Wire: Spring steel, stainless steel Max Screen Width: 2500 mm NOTE: ONLY BULK ORDERS WILL BE ENTERTAINED AS IT IS MAKE TO ORDER.
DTW, DUTCH TWILLED WEAVE: The weft wires in a twilled weave are laid together as closely as possible, whereby one weft wire lies above and the next below the warp wire in each case. The sum of diameters of the weft wires inside a section gives a value 5 - 15 % higher than that corresponding to the double value for the section. For the same diameter, DTW has twice the number of weft wires as SPW (Single Plain Weave) cloth in a plain weave. DTW cloth can also be woven with multiple warp wire layers, to increase the micron retention.
Technical Detail for Vibrating Screens: 1) Aperture (Distance between two wires in mm) 2) Wire Diameter (in mm) 3) Width (in mm or feet) 4) Length (in mm or feet) 5) Which side of edge preparation 6) Sheet Thickness