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ENROBER BELT: It is an effective choice for a wide variety of light duty applications in food processing, metal working, packing and plasticization machinery and in other industries also. They can be made for straight conveyors and also for curve conveyors. Enrober Belts can be equipped with little cams, or with special formed internal wire to carry the product on a special way. These are normally driven by toothed sprockets, made of stainless steel. These sprockets are made to fit the belt and are adapted to the diameter you wish. The number of teeth is free to choose and can be made for every new or existing conveyor.
COMPOUND BALANCED WEAVE: Type L/K-3 in 2, 3, 4 & 5 rod services. Specificaton: 2, 3, 4 & 5 rod services 20, 18, 16 & 12 swg 36 to 140 coils per foot width according to wire diameter. Details: Weight - According to wire diameter, Thickness - 6 to 15 mm depending on wire diameter. Maximum working tension - on application Advantages: 1) Great for bakeries and snack food operation 2) Easily Customizable 3) Increased Surface Area 4) Better Product Stability 5) Carries heavier loads Application: Closely woven wire conveyor belt suitable for light, medium and heavy duties.
BALANCED WEAVE: Type L/K-17 Specification: 24-12, 20-10 24 coils of 12 swg per foot width 20 crimped cross members of 10 swg per foot length. Details: Weight: 14 kg per Thickness: 8 mm Maximum working tension - 1580 lbs per foot width of the felt. Application: Specifically suitable for glass annealing Lehrs.
BALANCED WEAVE BELT: Type L/K-4 Specification: 108-18, 40-18 108 coils of 18 swg per foot width 40 crimped cross members of 18 swg per foot length. Details: Weight: 16.5 kg per Thickness: 5 mm Maximum working tension - 150 lbs per foot width Application: A medium duty close woven balance weave belt. Note: Available in 108-20, 40-18, 108-22, 40-20
ROD:REINFORCED: Specification: 18-12, 18-12 18 coils of 12 swg per foot width 18 straight cross members of 12 swg per length. Details: Weight: 11 kg per Thickness: 13 mm Maximum working tension - 1300 lbs per foot width. Application: Heavy duty belt specially suitable for high temperature furnaces.