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DTW, DUTCH TWILLED WEAVE: The weft wires in a twilled weave are laid together as closely as possible, whereby one weft wire lies above and the next below the warp wire in each case. The sum of diameters of the weft wires inside a section gives a value 5 - 15 % higher than that corresponding to the double value for the section. For the same diameter, DTW has twice the number of weft wires as SPW (Single Plain Weave) cloth in a plain weave. DTW cloth can also be woven with multiple warp wire layers, to increase the micron retention.
PERFORATED SHEET: Manufactured in CRCA, Mild Steel , Galvanized Iron, SS-304/316, Johnson Screens etc. in required types - Square, Round, Rectangular, Triangular Holes. Standard specification can be supplied as per your requirement. Perforated materials are used in a number of different applications for a variety of reasons. Used mostly as screens, filters, shields, and guards, perforated materials can control the passage of air, liquid, light, solids, heat, electromagnetic waves, and sound waves. Applications: 1) Automotive 2) Furniture and Accessories 3) Filters and Screens 4) Washing Machines 5) Food Processing and Pharma
SQUARE MESH: Manufactured in Galvanized Iron, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper as per ISI/BSS/ASTM with finest microns and meshes, Dutch Twilled Weaves also available.
COMPOUND BALANCED WEAVE: Type L/K-3 in 2, 3, 4 & 5 rod services. Specificaton: 2, 3, 4 & 5 rod services 20, 18, 16 & 12 swg 36 to 140 coils per foot width according to wire diameter. Details: Weight - According to wire diameter, Thickness - 6 to 15 mm depending on wire diameter. Maximum working tension - on application Advantages: 1) Great for bakeries and snack food operation 2) Easily Customizable 3) Increased Surface Area 4) Better Product Stability 5) Carries heavier loads Application: Closely woven wire conveyor belt suitable for light, medium and heavy duties.
SPW, SINGLE PLAIN DUTCH WEAVE: The weft wires are plain woven to lie as close as possible against each other in a linen weave. The combined diameters of the weft wires within a section give about a 6 % increase in strength above the original values, due to the deformation of the wires. SPW-filter cloth can also be woven with multilayer warp wires lying in parallel. This improves the micron retention.