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Bronze Wire Mesh: Bronze is an alloy that consists primarily of copper, and thus, it exhibits many of the same characteristics of copper, like malleability, durability and ductility. Types of Bronze Wire Mesh 1. 90-10 Commercial Bronze Wire Mesh CDA 220 UNS C22000 CDA 220 has excellent ductility, malleability, strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. Has a rich bronze colour and polished finish. Often used to cold-headed fasteners or bolts for outdoor pole line hardware, marine fasteners or various industrial uses. Composition [Cu 90%, Zn 10%] Specifications ASTM B134 2. 95-5 Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh CDA 510 UNS C51000 The CDA 510 is spring-tempered for endurance in repetitive processes. Often used in high strength electrical switches, relays, springs, slide contacts. Composition [Cu 95%, Sn 5%] Specifications ASTM B159 Bronze woven wire mesh is superior to brass wire mesh in resistance to atmospheric corrosion, which is a major reason why bronze mesh usage spans from various marine and military applications to commercial and residential insect screen. For the industrial user of wire cloth, bronze wire mesh is harder and less malleable compared to a similar copper woven wire mesh, and as a result, it is commonly used in separation and filtration applications. Bronze wire mesh has a brownish-red colour, and this industrial product is increasingly popular for use in architectural, decorative and artistic applications. Below, please find a handful of common uses of bronze mesh used in non-industrial applications: Cabinetry Wine Lockers Sport Locker Rooms Chandeliers Decorative Signage Infill panels Sculptures Jewellery Wall and podium coverings Ceiling panels Room dividers Decorative glass inlay Indo German Wire Screen specializes in stocking a wide range of popularly requested bronze wire meshes, most notably the standard or market grades. Indo German Wire Screen also maintains the capabilities to weave countless other options. Be sure to contact us with your specific requirements. When discussing the weaving process for bronze mesh, and specifically, fine bronze mesh, there is an important distinction to make. Due to the intricacies of weaving fine meshes, there are times where commercial bronze wire mesh is no longer an option and phosphorous bronze wire mesh must be used to weave.
We providing high quality Spring Steel Wire Mesh meeting all the International Standards that meets global standard and specification such as, We provide Steel in brilliant finish and sheared edges to suitably allow bending and molding in desired springs. Our Steel undergoes heat treatments to ensure durability and hardness