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MIST ELIMINATOR: Construction: It consist essentially of pads of multiple layers of Fabric-knitted from metals and synthetic fiber mono-filament chosen to suit the particular duty requirements. After knitting each layer is crimped and then converted into desired size or shape or pads. The pads are not entirely rigid and generally supported by open grid structure. Function: It is installed some distance above the surface of the liquid to allow some space for the natural disengagement of the coarsest natural particles and also to ensure that the gas/ vapor flow is uniform over the whole area of the mist eliminator. The droplet laden gas/ vapor then passes into Mist Eliminators at a predetermined velocity. The gas/ vapor easily finds open path though the mesh but the droplets and mist impinge on the filaments of pad where they coalesce and eventually grow to such a size to overcome surface tension of liquid and force of gravity. The drops so formed then fall down allowing the free gas/ vapor to pass out from the Mist Eliminator. Advantages: 1) Prevention of air pollution 2) Improvement in process efficiency 3) Minimize product losses in kettles, re-boilers and evaporators 4) Eliminate costly liquid lose 5) Reduces product contamination 6) Prevent carbon and metal entrainment of down stream catalyst cracker
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